Friday, January 29, 2010

Glamour vs Domino

So many of you may have seen or heard of the magazine Domino. It was an awesome, fabulous and inspiring publication. Well in the great recession of 2009 Domino was one of the unlucky ones to close down. I don't know why  because as a consumer/fashion designer there is no other magazine comparable.
Well, Conde Nast thought that Glamour is. So to fulfill the rest of my Domino Subscription Prescription they started sending me Glamour. For real? Seriously?
So I usually just recycle Glamour. Have no interest. Well yesterday at the gym I decided to give it a shot, I don't really need to use my brain. I made lemonade out of lemons.  So I see how to moisturize, Charlize Theron's gorgeous tips, skip the man advice crap (maybe I should read that) and then I come onto a happy colourful page! It was a page full of colourful nail polish and it did make me feel cheery, on this 16 degrees feels like 1 degree day. YES A 1 DEGREE DAY!

So go to your local Sephora or CVS or $20.00 mani pedi place
and get happy. Pink, orange, yellow's Friday why not?

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